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Attention Deficit Disorder
Adults ADHD...ADHD Child, ADD

Henry the wood collector.
Henry has dozens of unfinished carpentry projects and ideas for new ones he knew he would never complete. His garage was piled so high with wood, he and his wife joked about holding a fire sale. Every day Henry faced the real frustration of not being able to concentrate long enough to complete a task.

He was fired from his job as stock clerk because he lost inventory and carelessly filled out forms. Over the years, afraid that he might be losing his mind, he had seen psychotherapists and tried several medications, but none ever helped him concentrate. example of a ADD teen and child...

At age 17, Lisa, an attention deficit disorder teen, still struggles to pay attention and act appropriately. But this has always been hard for her. She still gets embarrassed thinking about that night her parents took her to a restaurant to celebrate her 10th birthday.She had gotten so distracted by the waitress' bright red hair that her father called her name three times before she remembered to order.

Then before she could stop herself, she blurted, "Your hair dye looks awful!" In elementary and junior high school, Lisa was quiet and cooperative but often seemed to be daydreaming. She was smart, yet couldn't improve her grades no matter how hard she tried. Several times, she failed exams. Even though she knew most of the answers, she couldn't keep her mind on the test. Her parents responded to her low grades by taking away privileges and scolding.

One day, after Lisa had failed yet another exam, the teacher found her sobbing, "What's wrong with me?"

The ADD ADHD information and help you need!

Would you like to help relieve the pain ADD ADHD might be causing in your life. Or in a loved one's life? Would you like to start a new day confident you'll be able to cope with what life has planned for you? This may be the place to help you do just that!

Maybe it will help if I tell you a little about my family and myself...I'm an airline captain for a major airline flying 757 and 767 aircraft.

My an Eagle Scout and a professional tennis instructor. He's taught at 5 Star Resorts in Paradise Island, Bahamas and in Dubai, UAE...a popular European vacation area...And he's only 22 years old!

My daughter, 20 years old is on the Dean's List with an A average majoring in Engineering at a Major University.

So what?... My children and I all have one thing in common... We all have Attention Deficit Disorder!... and we were all able to successfully cope with it...

Come back often. We'll be adding new Attention Deficit Disorder information...for the Adult and Child ADD/ADHD on a regular basis.

Thank you for stopping by.

Sincerely, Ron Rougeaux