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Activities For Children With ADHD

ADD ADHD children need to “run it off” after school.

They are often full of nervous energy afteor a “day of torture” of sitting in a schoolroom. When this child comes home from school, let him or her go outside and play. After-school snacks should include some protein like cheese or meat.

Not! high sugar items like soda, cookies and cakes or carbohydrates like potato chips and french fries.

Sometimes your child will do best if they eat their big meal of the day after school... rather than in the evening. Some of these children become so stimulated at school, they either don’t eat lunch or rush through the meal so they can go outside and play.

If your child is in an after school program at a day care center, YMCA or at school. The program should include outdoor play that involves the “big muscle groups” – running, jumping, and so forth.

If it is an indoor program, there should ideally be a gymnasium where the child can play sports that involve running and intense exercise like basketball and soccer.

Baseball, volleyball and other sports that include a lot of standing around will not benefit ADD ADHD children as much as intense exercise.

The after school program should provide a snack that includes proteins and not cookies and cakes or carbohydrates like potato chips or crackers.


Don’t let your child zone out after school and in the evenings in front of video games and television.

“Screen time” makes ADHD worse. Limit it to a half-hour a day.

Activities For Children With ADHD


Activities for children with ADHD...

For a family with ADD ADHD children, vacation time can add even more stress.

The children have nothing to do, and they are climbing the walls.

You may want to consider an overnight summer camp designed especially for ADD ADHD children.

Most of them are in wilderness areas, which is a benefit in itself because of the activities for children with ADD ADHD they provide.

These camps are usually very structured, which will also help control ADD ADHD symptoms.

Activities for children with ADHD...

If you are at home full-time with ADD ADHD children, structure their day around outdoor exercise.

Bike riding, swimming, hiking and outdoor sports are all good summer activities.

Limit television and video games to a half-hour per day. It may be better to limit the number of friends your ADD ADHD child has over to play to one or two at a time.

If you take your ADD ADHD child to a museum. Choose one that has “hands-on” exhibits and things they can touch, rather than things to look at.

Plan to stay only a few hours at most. They may not last on a museum tour where a guide talks a lot.

ADD ADHD children usually do not do well at grocery stores, malls, and other shopping centers. They can get over-stimulated by all the noise, people and “stuff.”

Don’t try to take them to restaurants where the service is slow and there’s nothing for children to do but sit.

Don’t let ADD ADHD teenagers play video games and watch television all night long and then sleep all day.

Summer school classes are usually too long for an ADD ADHD child.

That typical summer lifestyle will make their symptoms worse. Have your teenager get a paying job or go to summer camp instead.

Activities for children with ADHD...

for example, summer school algebra is usually six weeks of algebra for four to six hours a day which probably won't work too well for your ADD ADHD child.


The University of Illinois Human-Environment Research Laboratory is doing a lot of research on the effect of “green space” on human behavior.

One of their findings is that if you spend time in nature, your ADD ADHD symptoms will improve.

In activities for children with ADHD...the findings are very specific:

  • The more natural and open your surroundings, the more your symptoms will improve.

  • In other words, you benefit more by exercising outdoors in the city park than working out in an indoor gym.

  • But you benefit most of all by days spent fishing or hiking in a wilderness area.

  • Activities for children with ADHD...interestingly enough, the Illinois team found that attention deficit disorder children benefit by having a view of nature outside their windows.

  • In one study, children who had a tree or park outside their windows at home actually got better grades than children did whose windows looked out on a parking lot.

  • There may also be some benefit to listening to tapes of natural sounds like waterfalls and trees as well.

  • Try to spend as much time as possible outside in natural settings.

    The best way is to break up your day with time spent outdoors.

    You and your ADD ADHD child can have your lunch in a park. Take a jog along a lake in the evening.

    Activities for children with ADHD...take your weekends and vacation days in a wilderness area rather than in a city or an amusement park.


    Activities for children with ADHD...

  • A good workout increases the flow of blood to the brain and decreases nervousness and anxiety.

  • Exercise will help you manage your weight and improve your general health.

  • Activities Exercise releases endorphins into the brain, giving you a feeling of calmness and well being.

  • Regular exercise helps people with ADHD.

  • Aerobic exercise means working your body so hard that your heart rate increases and you need to breathe more deeply.

    Examples of good aerobic exercise are running, tennis, bicycling and swimming.

    Weight lifting, bowling, walking and other forms of exercise that do not work the body as hard as aerobic exercise will only help somewhat.

    They are not as good at keeping ADD ADHD in check as aerobic exercise.

    ADD ADHD people should do between 30 and 40 minutes every other day. Keep it on a regular structure.

    If your ADD ADHD child does not have physical education classes at school and does not go outdoors after school to play, you may want to enroll him or her into an aerobic exercise program like karate or swimming three times a week.

    Some attention deficit disorder children do not have the concentration to participate in formal sports programs like Little League and basketball. However, that does not mean they should get out of exercising.

    ADD ADHD kids benefit from exercise even more than the average child does, because it reduces their stress levels and helps keep their hyperactivity under control.

    Don’t expect instant results from exercise.

    Dr. Michael S. Wendt at the State University of New York at Buffalo studied the effect of exercise on the behavior of ADD ADHD children aged 5 to 12.

    The children did aerobic exercise for five days a week for forty minutes and their respiration was monitored.

    Activities for children with ADHD...between the second and fourth weeks of the exercise study, most children improved their behavior, as reported by parents and teachers.

    Activities for children with ADHD...

    by the way a study at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, Tony Mahon of the university’s Human Performance Laboratory found that the medicine ADD ADHD children take does not interfere with their capacity to exercise.

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